Hypnosis for Relaxation

There are a lot of reasons to try hypnosis for improving so many different aspects of your life. In its very simplest form, hypnosis can be a wonderful whole-person relaxant. It is in many ways very similar to meditation in that it focuses the mind by blanking out all extraneous activity, all unnecessary thought ceases and you focus your thoughts only on one thing.

If you are in session with a hypnotherapist then you will be concentrating only on the sound of his or her voice. If you are practising self-hypnosis (having first obtained some training in this method by a qualified hypnotherapist) then you will be concentrating on your own voice inside your head. Your breathing becomes slow and rhythmic, heartbeat slows to a relaxed pace and all your muscles relax.

A half hour spent in this state is hugely beneficial to both your body and state of mind. When you have finished, you return to full conscious awareness feeling refreshed and revitalised, positive and motivated. That can only be good!

Terry Didcott