Welcome to Hypnosis (www.hypnosic.com)! This is my About page where I can tell you about me and what this site is about.

First of all, the site:

This is a hypnosis information site designed to help you to better understand this still widely misunderstood state of being. The site has several hypnosis resources that you can browse on our "resources" page that you can purchase to further enhance your knowledge on the subject of hypnosis.

Now, me:

I'm Terry Didcott, a writer, web designer, musician, health researcher and author as well as being a psychologist, hypnotherapist and psychoanalyst, having passed my final exams in 1993, when I started my professional hypnotherapy practice in the UK.

I'm now retired from the formal concept of "work," but I continue designing and building my own websites to generate a passive income. I also continue researching and learning about health, both physical and mental as well as the spiritual side of life which borders on what I have already learned about psychology and human behaviour.

Welcome to my hypnosis website!

Terry Didcott