Hypnosis and Stress

Hypnosis is a great stress reliever. By it's very nature, hypnosis places a person in a deeply relaxed state both in mind and body which enables the person to free themselves of the effects of the stress they were suffering.

Standard hypnotic techniques can be used by anyone in order to bring about a relaxed state of self-hypnosis which is, in many respects almost identical to that of a deep meditative state.

Deep Breathing

The employment of simple deep breathing exercises combined with a relaxed body position, either laying down or reclining in a comfortable chair, bring physical relaxation.

Freedom from interruption and loud external noises and a willingness to let go of conscious worries and concerns are necessary for the beginnings of mental relaxation.

Once the body and mind have relaxed, then its a case of focusing the mind on a single, bland point that cannot be mentally discussed or consciously reasoned and not allowing any further extraneous thoughts to enter the mind.

Hypnotic State

Before too long, the hypnotic state will be reached where the person will feel pleasantly relaxed but still conscious of their surroundings. This state can be remained in for as long as the person feels comfortable.

Often, twenty minutes or more can pass without the person realising and they may return to normal consciousness unaware that so much time has actually passed.

This is a perfectly safe thing to practice and is good for both body and mind.

Beneficial Therapy

Of course, more benefits can be obtained by the presence of a skilled hypnotherapist, who can assist the process of hypnosis and also give the person beneficial suggestions to enhance their experience and increase the "good" feeling upon regaining normal conscious awareness.

I don't use the term awakening here, because a person in the hypnotic state is not asleep in the commonly understood way. They are simply very deeply relaxed and can get up and be completely conscious if they wanted to.

In any case, as I had been told on so many occasions by my own clients, upon sitting up in the chair they felt absolutely marvelous!

Terry Didcott


Posted on Thu 13 Sep, 2007 in Hypnosis | 4 Comments
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4 thoughts on "Hypnosis and Stress"

candy jones says:
15 Sep, 2007

what you mean then, is that a person must be willing in order to be taken into a hypnotic state, right? does age or intellect matter when hypnotizing a person? thank you for the information by the way, i'll have to remember that during exams :)

Terry says:
15 Sep, 2007

That's right,Candy. Age or intellect makes no difference, although very young children under the age of say 7 are not good subjects for hypnosis in any case.

Leon West says:
16 Sep, 2007


Yes, I find relaxing with a little self-hypnosis the fastest and best way to reduce stress. It feels a little funny at first, but every time you do it you feel better and relax faster and faster as you practice. I still find it amazing how fast some people go into hypnosis at a stage hypnosis show.

Terry says:
16 Sep, 2007

Thanks Leon,

Don't be fooled by stage hypnotists - they usually take their victims behind the curtains for some pre-hypnotic suggestions first so that by the time they are actually on-stage they are ready to go under anyway!

That said, I do know that I can take a person who is willing into hypnosis on the count of three, but that person has to be convinced they will go under beforehand!