Hypnosis and Subliminal Messages

There is often a deep mistrust of anything to do with subliminal messages in any kind of media, especially when it's mentioned in the same sentence as the word hypnosis.

In the late 1960's "subliminal cuts" as they were then known, were banned from all advertising in cinemas and on television.

Subliminal cuts were simply single frames picturing a product to be sold, that were spliced into a reel of film at certain points.

In cinemas, these would be something that the cinema would be selling during the intermission, say for instance a picture of a hot-dog with a simple message, saying something like "Enjoy a delicious hot dog". Because the "cut" was only one frame, it passed by much too quickly for the audience to consciously see.

The beauty of subliminal cuts were that the human eye does see everything that is presented to it and that visual information is sent to the brain to be processed and stored in memory...

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Terry Didcott


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