Hypnosis as a Weapon?

Hypnosis has long been misunderstood by many people who still hold this natural state of consciousness in awe. Far too many believe that anyone who possesses the ability to render another person "under their spell" must surely be possessed by demons and should not be allowed to practice such a dark art unless enlightened by the church.

If that sounds like the rantings of a bible-thumping zealot, you would be partially right - it is also the fear that far too many people have of hypnotists and practitioners of hypnotherapy.

The performances of stage hypnotists don't do the profession a whole lot of good either, apart from advertising and raising the profile of hypnosis itself. And you know what they say - "There is no such thing as bad publicity, there is only publicity!"

Well, that may or may not be wholly true, but stage performers like Paul McKenna have actually done a lot of good for the practice of hypnotherapy. They treat their participants like dignified human beings and take great care that they are warned of what they might be asked to do in front of the audience and obtain their permission first.

Unfortunately there are also many unethical and egotistical stage performers who actually believe they have some kid of special power. They are the dangerous ones, who will feed their inflated egos by going further and further with each stage performance - belittling their victims and even causing some great distress and harm. These people should be arrested and charged with being in possession of a dangerous weapon, because they don't seem to care whether they leave their victims with serious psychological problems after their often over-ambitious shows.

If ever the bible-thumpers want to turn their icy gaze on any group in particular, they should focus their attention on these egotistical, attention-hungry, power-crazy lunatics and leave the rest of us who use hypnosis for good and to actually help people to overcome their serious psychological and personal problems where mainstream psychiatric practices have failed them.

Let it not be said that all hypnotherapists are meek and mild!

Terry Didcott


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1 thoughts on "Hypnosis as a Weapon?"

KD says:
8 Sep, 2007

hypnosis can be easily learned but it is like a loaded weapon, it must be used carefully and with a great deal of respect