Suggestion Therapy

In this informative article on hypnosis and how it incorporates into the practice of hypnotherapy, we look at the power of suggestion therapy and what it is.

This form of therapy is the best known use of hypnosis.

It makes use of the heightened susceptibility to beneficial suggestions in order to change bad habits for good ones and to build confidence.

It has a particularly high success rate in helping people to stop smoking, to change eating habits and so lose weight, also in assisting people with pre-test nervousness, relief from stress and so on.

It usually requires one or more weekly sessions of about 50 minutes each, except in the case of stopping smoking, which is outlined below.

Suggestion therapy has been criticized for dealing only with the symptoms and not the cause. For this reason it is not recommended for deeper rooted psychological problems.

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Last Updated on Wed 11 May, 2022

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