The field of hypnotherapy is huge. It encompasses everything from helping people overcome serious and often deeply personal psychological problems, to helping other quit a bad habit like nail biting and just about everything you can think of in-between.

Many people become interested in the field of hypnotherapy for many different reasons and often embark on one of the expensive courses that they find advertised in national newspapers and magazines in the hope of becoming a hypnotherapist. While some of these courses are professional and well-informed and convey a wealth of knowledge and information, the vast majority are hastily put-together by amateurs who want to make some fast money.

Potential student beware!

Hypnotherapy, in similar fashion to many other complimentary therapies is unregulated by government recognised professional bodies such as the various medical councils that preside in most countries.

However, in the UK in particular, there are several professional non-status hypnotherapy governing bodies that are well established and do lend some measure of professionalism to hypnotherapists who have been accepted as members through their own hard work, diligence and accumulated knowledge and experience.

Before I left the UK in 2002, I was a member of two of the foremost professional hypnotherapy bodies, which were the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) and the International Association of Hypno-Analysts (IAH) that later became the International Association for Evidence Based Psychotherapy (IAEBP).

Their entry criteria is quite strict, so should you be about to embark on a course in Hypnotherapy you would be well advised to inquire of the course owners if their final examination certificate is recognised by either of these bodies and will it go some way to allowing them entry as a member of one or both.

There are other well respected associations in the UK as there are in the US, but as I have not dealt with others, I don't feel qualified to comment on them.

That will put the cat amongst the pigeons and weed out the charlatans from the truly honest creators of courses in hypnotherapy.

Terry Didcott

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