Personal Development

What we think of as personal development is actually a series of actions that we undertake to improve a number of aspects of our lives ever increasing as we move forward.

The actions we take will vary from person to person, but the underlying theme will be doing whatever it takes to cause some aspect of our life to get better, improve, or develop.

Self Help

There are many ways each of us can help ourselves to bring us out of a certain plane of existence to a higher position.

This is not supernatural or paranormal bahaviour, but quite normal striving to better oneself.

There is a movement that's been around since Victorian times that became known as "New Thought" (and quite likely long before that under a different name). This way of being takes its lead from what has become known as the Law of Attraction, which I will discuss briefly here and in more depth in its own detailed article in this section of the website.

The Law of Attraction

If you can accept that everything that exists is a form of energy (think atomic structure, or just atoms) and that energy is in a constant state of vibration at certain frquencies depending on the nature of the energy, then the Law of Attraction become easier to accept also.

At its base, this law supposes that energy forms that are vibrating on a certain frequency will attract other energy forms vibrating on the same frequency.

To give a simple analogy, consider a flower seed. The seed vibrates at its own frequency and for it to germinate and grow, it needs its surroundings to be in harmony with it. That means it needs fertile soil, space to grow, sunlight and water.

These external things all vibrate on their own frequencies, but they will match the parts of the seed that needs them. So the seed attracts water, soil and sunlight to be in harmony with it. When all these things are satisfied, the seed germinates and grows into a new plant.

If those external things do not satisfy the seed's needs, it will perish.

Attracting What We Desire

The part of the Law of Attraction that has taken people's attention is the notion that a person's brain is an electrical switching station able to broadcast and receive any number of frequencies on a particular scale.

Our thoughts are measurable energy forms just like any other form of communication, such as light, sound or radio waves. Our thoughts vibrate at varioable frequencies according to how we feel (our emotional state).

Ergo, we must be able to tune those thoughts into the frequency of a thing desired by feeling the right way. By continued focus of thought on the desired thing will, according to the law, cause it to be attracted to us and us to it.

Therefore, we should be able to attract to us the things we desire, whether they are fame, fortune or happiness (or all of those things). We just need to figure out how to do it correctly to make the law work for us and not against us.

I will expand on these ideas in a future article. Other articles on this fascinating subject will also follow.

Terry Didcott

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