7 Must-Read Blogs On Alternative Medicine

What follows is a guest post from Dena White, a fellow advocate of alternative medicine, health and wellbeing and has kindly agreed to add a post to this blog spreading the word about the alternative health scene online.

You may be a fan of alternative medicine, or you may not. Not matter, the blogs that I want to share with you about alternative medicine are so great everyone will be interested.

First Things First

First things first, be sure to check with a trusted health care professional before you try any herbal supplements. A few alternative medicines have been reported as reacting badly when combined with some prescription medications. Alternative medicine is designed to provide you with new ways to treat what ails you, not add to your troubles.

Not only members of the general population, but some doctors as well believe in the benefits of alternative medicine. On the other hand, there are also those who do not. The seven must-read blog sites that are listed below provide information on a wide variety of alternative medicines, which include aromatherapy, herbal medicines, massage, hypnosis and much, much more.

Update 2020: website has moved here: http://beinghealthynaturally.com - This blog is managed by an actual doctor. The primary focus of this site is to help people identify health issues and work toward their goals. Do not stop with the recent posts; be sure to read all of the posts as far back as the original. It may take some time, but it is well worth it.

http://janethurnellread.blogspot.com/ - The author on this site has been practicing alternative medicine for more than 20 years. The information that you will find on this blog is extremely valuable. Some of my favorites are "To Sleep Or Not To Sleep", "How Can You Build Your Child's Self Esteem" and "Coaching Toward Happiness".

http://health.families.com/blog/category/566 - This is one of the best blog sites for alternative medicine on the Internet, the entire site is just as fantastic. Here you will find a number of articles on pain relief, aromatherapy, natural remedies, hypnosis as well as supplemental treatment for chemotherapy patients.

http://www.adhd-support.com/ Update 2020: This website is down. - The main focus of this blog is to help those who are challenged with ADHD by teaching you ways to deal naturally. The parent of an ADHD child writes the site, so the information is first hand on all aspects of the disorder from the diagnosis and beyond.

http://www.burtongoldberg.com/weblogs/blogger.html - The administrator for this site has successfully published a great number of books on the subject of alternative medicine. Some of my favorites from this site are "Get Your Kids Off Drugs: Better Ways of Dealing with ADHD", "Is Living Longer Worth The Cost?", "Teen Depression" and "Herbal Remedies for Children".

http://natural-health-news.blogspot.com/ - This one zeroes in on the herbal remedies of the Philippines, and plants such as lagundi, ginger and oregano.

http://www.penmaenbach.com/ Update 2020: This website is down. - This is the best site for information related to improving all aspects of your health with the help of natural remedies.

It makes no difference whether you are trying to learn the basics of alternative medicine or experienced in herbal medicine and looking to connect with others who share your views, the blogs listed above will provide you with the best tips and information.

Dena White is a freelance author and writes about healthcare career topics, such as how to obtain a nursing degree, tips for job advancement, and more.

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