Lose Weight With Hypnosis

A lot of people wonder just how you can lose weight with hypnosis. Well, the straight answer is that with hypnosis alone, you are unlikely to!

There needs to be something more to affect the change in the body's metabolism combined with a modification in mental state.

Sounds complicated?

It's not really. I'll endeavour to explain in layman's terms some of the processes that go on when you use hypnosis to lose weight. You will need a few things for that to happen.

Set a Weight Loss Goal

For instance, first of all, before you enter the hypnotic state, you will mentally set yourself a goal in the amount of weight you want to lose.

Then hypnosis itself is used as the tool needed to prepare you to accept the verbal weight loss suggestions.

These suggestions are needed to subtly alter the way you perceive the necessary steps that you must take to lose that weight.

Then you will be put in the correct frame of mind to action the steps necessary to lose the amount of weight needed to reach your goal.

Let me explain these points in greater length.

Be Realistic

First of all then, you will make a goal for yourself in the amount of weight you want to lose.

Make it a realistic goal, or, like any unobtainable goal, you will not reach it. So with your realistic goal in mind and, for good measure, a time span in which you would be happy to attain it, you can then prepare for hypnosis.

Hypnosis in itself won't actually do anything for you except to make you relax and feel very calm.

That is great if you are under a lot of stress and need to relax. What most people think is purely the hypnosis, is actually a combination of hypnosis and suggestion. The hypnosis enables your subconscious to accept the suggestions that are given.

Subconscious Suggestions

In a nutshell, the suggestions are along the lines of: You will lose weight by feeling good about eating less of the bad things that make you gain weight - and more of the good things that will boost your metabolism to burn off the excess fat that want to be rid of.

That's pretty much how suggestions work, in their simplest terms. There is a bit more to it than that, in the way that those suggestions are delivered by the skilled hypnotherapist.

Be Positive

Suggestions given by a hypnotherapist need to follow fairly strict guidelines in order to be not only effective, but also safe.

The most common error made by novice hypnotherapists (and even some experts who I have caught out on occasion) is in the use of the negative in a suggestion that is given whilst the subject is in the hypnotic and receptive state.

The subconscious is very simplistic in the way it accepts and deals with suggestions given it. One thing it cannot do is interpret a direct negative.

For example, if you suggested to a subject that they "will not eat cakes and chocolates", the subconscious misinterprets the phrase aas being "will eat cakes and chocolates".

You can see the problem then. There are a lot of scripts that have been written by experts and novices alike that do exactly that, so beware of them.

Apart from that important factor, most suggestions will happily be taken on by the subconscious of the subject, as long as those suggestions are for the good of the subject and NOT with a view to try to make that subject do anything that they would not willingly or morally do.

It is difficult to misuse the power of suggestion, but not impossible. Great damage can be done by the inexperienced hypnotist who is either not aware of his misuse of words, or worse, is deliberately trying to abuse his subject in some way.

However, for the purposes of weight loss, suggestions should be kept as simple and unambiguous as possible, as the subconscious cannot interpret abiguity either. Mixed results might be expected with anything other than plain, simple, positive suggestions for the subject's welfare and betterment.

Combined Offensive

It is that combination offensive of setting your goal, then using hypnosis to enable you to accept the powerful weight loss suggestions that will enable you to lose weight without any kind of formal diet.

If you are still sceptical, there are alternatives to going to see a hypnotherapis.

An inexpensive way of trying out weight loss without diet is to use a specially recorded MP3 for that purpose. Just such MP3s are available at this site for download on the MP3s page.

You just relax in a comfortable chair or sofa, or even a bed and play the MP3. You listen to the hypnotherapist as he takes you through the relaxation process followed by the suggestions for you to lose weight. At the end, you are brought back to full consciousness and you can go about the rest your day as normal.

For a very modest price you could be using this tried and tested method of losing weight without diet in the comfort of your own home whenever it is convenient for you. Don't you think you are worth it?

Terry Didcott


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