Think Yourself Thin

You can think yourself thin by using visualization techniques combined with self hypnosis and auto suggestion.

Learn how you can use the power of your mind to lose weight, improve your health and boost your confidence and motivation by literally thinking it into existence!

This article looks at how the power of your mind can be harnessed to create a healthy and slim body simply and enjoyably without the need for any pills, potions or shakes, special diets or strenuous work outs at the gym.

Where is the Proof?

think yourself thinYou may be sceptical at first, but there is a wealth of real life proof all around you if you dare to look. That's right!

When you walk down the street, you see a variety of people with a wide variety of body shapes. They're not all overweight you know!

Most people, despite what the scaremongering media would have you believe, are actually at or very close to their ideal weight. And they maintain that ideal weight not through any special diet or exercise routine, but simply by thinking it.

Now that's not to say that the vast majority of people who are at or close to their correct weight are actively forcing their minds into some sort of rote litany to keep their weight stable. Not a bit of it!

What the Mind Believes

Most people who are at or close to their ideal weight maintain it practically on auto-pilot without even realising that they are maintaining that weight through their unconscious belief that they are where they should be in terms of weight and that's where they'll stay unless something comes along and upsets that mental balance.

Now this may be something you might be surprised to hear. But its not so surprising really when you consider that you body is controlled by the unconscious or subconscious part of your mind.

That is the part of your mind that is responsible for keeping your heart beating and the blood pumping around your body, your lungs rising and falling and providing you with oxygen which it then causes the process by which that oxygen is used by the body to convert into energy.

It regulates your body's temperature, makes the digestive system work, keeps the immune system running and fighting off disease and infections and a whole host of other functions that are performed simultaneously and without you having to make any conscious intervention whatsoever.

That all leaves the conscious part of your mind free to work on worrying about what's going on in your life. Like whether you turned the gas off or not when you left the house and enable you to make calculations, decisions and create ideas independently of the general minute by minute running of your body's normal functions.

The Redundant Conscious Mind

What this all means is that your conscious mind is not really needed for regulating your body's weight, as that is done subconsciously. However, things do go wrong. And stress is usually at the bottom of it.

When things go wrong, the subconscious gets out of whack and, though ill-advised conscious eating and drinking, allows your body weight to increase. Of course, then you have to make a conscious intervention and start a diet or force yourself to do unnatural exercises in a vain attempt to get the weight down again.

However, by doing this, you are dealing with the symptom and not treating the thing that really needs to be worked on, which is the cause. Discover the cause of any wrongness and you can set it right.

Target the Cause

When it comes to weight gain, the causes can be one of a variety of reasons, but they mostly boil down to stress. Stress affects different people in different ways, which is why you see very stressed people that are very thin alongside very stressed people who are obese.

Being too thin or too fat are symptoms of the stress that the body is placed under and that stress can come from a variety of places. This is something you need to personally sit down and discover for yourself, although there are some obvious contenders, such as your job, a boss or supervisor who is causing you to worry unduly, or a friend or relative who is ill or in trouble in some way.

Whatever is causing the stress, you must face it head on and find a way to alter the situation so that it no longer causes you stress.


Stress on the physical body can some from a very unhealthy diet and leading a sedentary lifestyle with little or no exercise. Physical stress can do as much damage as mental stress so it needs to be identified and dealt with.

A bad diet of hamburgers and pizza washed down with sugary or artificial sweetener laden fizzy drinks and too much alcohol or smoking can all degrade the body in one way or another and place stress on the body's functions to the point where they start breaking down. You must not allow yourself to get to this stage and start altering your lifestyle to counter it.

No one has to eat rubbish, no matter what the glossy advertisements say. You can buy, prepare and eat healthy fresh vegetables and fruit instead of processed, additive-laden junk. Fast or junk food might be convenient but it is also conveniently destroying your body!

"But when are you going to tell me how I can think myself thin?"

Alter Your Conscious Self-Talk

Well, that is all part of what I've already been telling you. You need to alter the way your conscious conversation with yourself is conducted to place yourself in a more positive frame of mind.

When your diet is healthy, your inner conversation does not hinge on anything to do with ill health or being overweight. It is concerned with other things and the question of weight simply doesn't come up.

When that happens, the subconscious simply gets on with doing what it already knows to do and that is to maintain your body in a state of balance.

However, you can also influence that inner conversation by using simple self hypnosis techniques (that you can read about in other articles on this website) then using auto suggestion to tell yourself that you are feeling healthy and that you are at your correct weight and body shape.

You can visualize yourself looking the way you want to look.


Imagine yourself looking the way you should look at the correct weight and having the body shape being the correct weight would appear. Fix this image in your mind and spend some time getting into that body and imagining how it feels to be at the correct weight and body shape.

Imagine walking around in that body and really get into the feeling place of having that body now, right now and how good it feels. Feeling good is the most important part while you're imagining this and the longer you can keep it up for, the better.

Then make a point of doing this every day, or even twice or three times every day for maybe ten or fifteen minutes at a time to really reinforce the feeling and cementing the belief in your subconscious mind.

This visualization technique works as long as you really get into that feeling place and the more you do it, the faster results will start to show.

Don't go expecting this to work overnight, because it will not. But over a period of a few weeks you will see an amazing change and it will all be down to your programming your mind to believe that you are at your correct weight and size.

Terry Didcott


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