Tips and Techniques for Weight Loss

People can read this article and learn that there are many weight loss tips that can really help anyone to help themselves to lose weight and then keep that weight off and that these are a rare commodity these days.

This is not how it should be, of course.

But the relentless surge of glossy magazines and other powerful media such as television and Hollywood to convince everyone that they should be as thin as the scantily clad models they display simply places too much pressure on people.

It gives them unrealistic goals so that when they try to emulate these stick thin models, they are doomed to failure almost every time.

Why is this?

weight loss tipsThe whole weight loss thing (see for more details) is out of hand and people are either jumping onto the treadmill, already on it, or are jumping off having lost some weight and are now going to revert back to their former ways and put all that weight back on again plus some more.

Sound familiar?

How to Lose Weight and Stay Slim

One of the most sought after of all the weight loss tips is how to lose weight and stay slim.I'm here to tell you that there is no one weight loss tip that fits that description, but there are a collection of good weight loss tips that will come as close as is humanly possible to making that a reality.

The following weight loss tips are simple, common sense techniques that anyone can use to lose weight and stay slim, but there is a catch. You have to first be sufficiently motivated to want to lose weight in order that you will stick with these weight loss tips and thereby not only lose weight but keep it lost!

Which, when you think about it is all any good weight loss program requires for it to work.

That's why so many fail. There are so many weight loss system reviews. It's not that the weight loss program itself is flawed.

It's just that perhaps either it is too difficult to continue with, or it lacks sufficient motivational qualities to keep people with it. What people that are lacking willpower need is a more than just motivation to stick with any weight loss program.

They need to feel that while their weight loss plans are helping them to lose weight, it is also fun and enjoyable to do.

Let's face it, where is the fun in eating a strict diet of a narrow selection of foods that don't inspire any enjoyment? None at all, so the diet will fail.

By the same token, where is the enjoyment in punishing your body with a set of tough exercise routines that you have to do religiously every day or so at a gymnasium with a load of other sweaty, grim looking devotees?

Is there a better way?

Yes, there is!

Whole Body Approach

It takes a whole body approach to weight loss and that also includes your mind. That's because when you have your mind trained to do a certain thing, the body follows with ease.

How do you train your mind to make your body lose weight?

Using simple self-hypnosis techniques to attain deep relaxation, then using self suggestions repetitively to teach the mind to do what you want it to. Once you have achieved this, anything you do with your body to help it to lose weight will do exactly that, with much more success and ease than you might have thought possible!


One of the best ways to get your mind into a relaxed state is to place yourself into a comfortable place where you will not be interrupted with a comfortable chair, sofa or bed that you can let your body really relax into. It helps also to have some soothing background music playing quietly.

Follow my post on self hypnosis and the simple breathing and visualisation techniques to deeply relax you, then either create for yourself a series of positive weight loss suggestions, or alternatively download my Weight Loss MP3 file which is specially designed for just this purpose.

Spend about 30 minutes or so just relaxed and repeating the weight loss suggestions silently to yourself, or have my weight loss MP3 playing and you will be effortlessly training your mind to help your body to lose the amount of weight you want to lose in order to achieve your ideal weight and body shape.

Following on from training your mind, the next step is training your body to lose weight. This is something that is much more simple than would have been without the prior mind training.


The first thing you can do is to start going outdoors and walking. Not strolling, but walking at a reasonable pace. Enough to make you breathe a little harder than normal.

And for long enough that by the time you return home you feel like you've done yourself some real good. This would normally be more than 30 minutes, but if you're starting from scratch you have to build up to this gradually day by day in order that you don't overstretch your muscles too soon and damage them.

You could also find an activity that you would enjoy doing on a regular basis, like swimming. Swimming is one of the best exercises you can do for toning up your body all over because you use so many muscle groups. Plus swimming is really fun. Go with some friends and make a social time of it.

You can still enjoy yourselves in the pool and at the same time be toning up your muscles that will in turn use more calories and help you to lose weight!

Light Exercise

Doing light exercises like walking and swimming will not cause you to lose weight fast. This is not the way to lose weight in any case as fast weight loss usually results in fast weight gain down the road, so go at it gradually and don't be in a rush to weigh yourself every day.

Resist that urge! Maybe allow yourself to peek at the scales once a week and if you've lost a pound or two in that week then congratulate yourself. That is perfect. Even if you have not lose anything, but also not gained anything but your body is starting to look a tiny bit more toned, you can congratulate yourself.

Weight loss is not so likely to start happening right away and there is a very good medical reason for that.

When anyone embarks on a weight loss program that involves exercise, the body starts to build muscle bulk. This is normal and highly desirable.

It doesn't mean you'll start looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger but it does mean that your muscles will increase in density and mass. Muscle weighs more than fat, per unit of volume, so while at first your body's level of fat will remain the same, its level of muscle will increase so if anything you will appear to gain a pound or two if you are starting very slowly.

To begin to lose some of your body's volume of stored fat, you need to be doing cardiovascular exercise for more than 20 minutes. That is because in the first 20 minutes of exercise, the body is burning up the sugars (primarily glucose) contained in the bloodstream to feed the muscles with the energy they need to do the extra work.

After 20 minutes, the blood's sugar reserves will be used up and the liver will then release more glucose into the bloodstream, which it processes from your store of fat cells.

This is when your body starts to deplete its store of fat and you lose the excess weight contained in those fat cells.

Ongoing Development

The good part follows after several weeks of keeping this up. As your muscles become nicely toned and used to the extra work your body is doing, they become more efficient at burning up sugars and you'll get to the stage where even at rest, those muscles are still burning excess sugars in your bloodstream.

This means that whatever calories you consume in the form of food, your body is now burning them up as fast as you can consume them. You attain your ideal weight and body shape and keep it by continued daily exercise, which keeps your muscles working for you.

The last thing that you need to know is really a no brainer, but I'll include it here anyway. That is diet.


By using these weight loss tips, you don't actually need to go on what is commonly regarded as a "diet". However, you will have to be a little more selective in what you eat. You don't need to cut out much, but just be aware of what is good for your body and what is bad for your body!

Cut back on the bad stuff while keeping the good stuff. That's not very technical sounding, but it is what it is.

The bad foods include burgers, fries, pizzas, hot dogs, fried foods, cakes, biscuits... etc. Also stay away from sugary, fizzy soda drinks even if they are "diet" drinks.

These contain artificial sweeteners that current research is showing will cause you to gain weight as well as increasing your risk of certain cancers. Stick to plain water or fruit juice where possible.

OK, you don't have to be a saint and the odd pastry or chocolate bar is allowed. Just follow common sense and keep these bad foods to a minimum rather than cut them out altogether. That way you still have something to look forward to when you eat, rather than just a stick of celery!

Bottom line:

Think positive and be positive and you will achieve what you desire through your own desire to achieve!

Terry Didcott


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